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Who are we?​

We are a fast-emerging successful Realty Advisory Network in Pune. Our core area of operation is selling of

New Properties






To give our clients the best deals, we are associated with
Pune & Mumbai’s top Builders and Realty developers for
their ongoing & Upcoming Projects.

Why we?​

Broker free transactions with complete transparency.

  • We have a huge, fresh data bank of potential deals due to which options are never an issue.

  • Client education- We explain the pros and cons i.e. strengths & weaknesses of any and all option so that the potential client makes an informed choice.

  • Advantage of pre-launch projects: Being close to most top-rated builders, our clients get the advantage of pre-launch offers which in some cases works to a substantial sum.

  • Home loan assistance from all leading banks’ loan division are known to us and that works to our clients’advantage.

What we do?​
  • We deal through an established “Referral Network” which updates us with our potential client’s needs.

  • We start with understanding the Client’s need.

  • We provide multiple options as per the Client’s need

  • We arrange for a site visit as per Client’s shortlisted choice.

  • We provide all support to the client till the property is
    registered in the client’s name

  •  Resale support and *estate  management


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Customer Testimonials

I know him as he helped my Father purchase properties at various place in Pune and Goa. My father in this respect is a difficult man to impress as he knows all about procedures and papers and what have you. Umesh, I must say, made the whole thing, a cake walk by introducing all the relevant people at the realtor and satisfied all our queries. Result? Three properties in Pune and one in Goa through him... and that is certainly not the end! Mr. Prasad Ganpule, MD Ramanora Global Pr