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Who are we?​

We are a fast-emerging successful Realty Advisory Network in Pune. Our core area of operation is selling of

New Properties






To give our clients the best deals, we are associated with
Pune & Mumbai’s top Builders and Realty developers for
their ongoing & Upcoming Projects.

Why we?​

Broker free transactions with complete transparency.

  • We have a huge, fresh data bank of potential deals due to which options are never an issue.

  • Client education- We explain the pros and cons i.e. strengths & weaknesses of any and all option so that the potential client makes an informed choice.

  • Advantage of pre-launch projects: Being close to most top-rated builders, our clients get the advantage of pre-launch offers which in some cases works to a substantial sum.

  • Home loan assistance from all leading banks’ loan division are known to us and that works to our clients’advantage.

What we do?​
  • We deal through an established “Referral Network” which updates us with our potential client’s needs.

  • We start with understanding the Client’s need.

  • We provide multiple options as per the Client’s need

  • We arrange for a site visit as per Client’s shortlisted choice.

  • We provide all support to the client till the property is
    registered in the client’s name

  •  Resale support and *estate  management


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Customer Testimonials

It was a pleasant experience dealing with Mr.Umesh Pawar. Unlike other realty dealers, helistens to you….always, which includes answering your phone calls! I am happy with my experience and recommend him to anyone wanting a hassle-free experience in realty purchase. Mr. Rohan Rawte, Associate Director, IESVE Ltd. Head of India and Middle East